On the Issues

Protecting Life, Ending Abortion

Protecting innocent human Life stems from one basic premise – that simply being human, without an accompanying qualifier, is sufficient to warrant state protection and a chance at Life.  All unborn lives are worth protecting.

Texas law allows for a hospital panel to remove life-sustaining treatment from you or a loved one over your objections (Chapter 166.046 of the Texas Health and Safety Code).  I have successfully represented patients in these circumstances and will continue working to remove this draconian law in the Texas Legislature.

Cutting Property Taxes

Appraisals should reflect fair market value for houses on the tax rolls.  In the absence of appraisal reform, I advocate using the effective tax rate (guaranteeing a homeowner is paying only the exact amount they did in the previous year) in setting local budgets.  The state legislature must pass legislation allowing more citizen input into rising property taxes through increasing the ability for the public to vote on whether to accept a proposed increase. Two ways to accomplish more citizen input failed in the Texas House of Representatives during the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature – placing such votes on the November election to ensure more homeowner participation and allowing citizens more opportunities to vote on proposed increases.

Providing the Best Education

Growing up in Tarkington and Cleveland, I know how rural communities are built around their local school districts. I seek policies protecting our rural schools and the communities they serve, and ensuring more funds are directed and used in the classroom.  

We must keep our promise to retired, current and future teachers, including decreasing retiree health insurance costs and developing a sustainable plan for incoming education professionals.

Right to Bear Arms

While a deer hunter from an early age, the Right to Bear Arms is much more than the ability to enjoy hunting. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to remind government that citizens have the ability to protect themselves and their family against anyone that seeks to do them harm.

Protecting Free Speech and Protecting Churches

Religious liberty for Christians is under attack by the federal judiciary, and free speech is under attack by our state government.  As a lawyer, I have fought against state regulations meant to silence people who criticize the government, and will continue to do so as a state lawmaker.


House District 18 has seen first-hand how unrestricted immigration can impact our community, straining our school districts and emergency resources. I am committed to stopping illegal immigration and finding solutions to alleviate the impact and protect Texas.